Unusual Afghan Khyber knife Variant with inlaid horn hilt 19th century

An attractive 19th century dagger from Afghanistan. Loosely based on the Khyber knife or 'salawar yatagan' sword of the northern passes of India, this form is likely a regional variation, the hilt being of a more differentiated shape and distinct from the more 'kard'-like from known elsewhere. In this instance the hilt if formed from two slabs of black horn inlaid in panels of arranged copper and steel pins to form decorative patterns. The mounts to the hilt are of brass and punched and engraved, large brass bolsters to the grip ends. The blade is large for a knife, and substantially made as with most 'khyber- knives' with robust strengthening to the blade back as a 'T' form when seen in cross section. The steel blade forte has some attractive chiselled patterns, the tapering edge is acutely chamfered and the steel is hard and of good quality. Overall length 16.5 inches. This piece dates to the later 19th century and survives in very good condition.  indo persian