Two nice Southern African spears Nguni

Two attractive South African spears from the Nguni tribal group. The shafts bound with brass wirework. The first spear with a leaf shaped facetted spear blade, the shank behind the neck crisply chiselled with very sharp barbs and hooks presumably designed to make removal of the weapon difficult. Beneath this a long collar of twisted brass wire, the shaft of a glossy darkwood, one further bound wirework ring. The butt flaring and terminating in a small ball. The second spear slightly smaller with a small steel blade, a long shaped iron shaft with some chiselled decoration. Two large twisted wire bans to the top and bottom, the bottom one fashioned with alternate copper and brass rows. Again the spear butt is shaped with a ball like ornament. 41.5 - 38 inches long. Zulu-Xhosa, circa 1900.