Two interesting Thai Polearms with blade sheaths from Bangkok

Two interesting polearms from Thailand. Both of diminuitive size, the hafts of black laquered wood, finely made good steel blades. The spear type polearm with a shaped upper shaft mount of metal with bulbous features lacquered and gilt, a small spiked foot to the bottom end. The other polearm with a thickened curving blade, similar to the Japanese Naginata, and Chinese polearms of scythe form, with a flatted oval section shaft, applied metal rings and gold lacquered decoration to the upper region. Both have original blade coverings/sheaths lacquered with gilt and designs of dragons and fire.  The smaller size of these two pieces is curious, they are well made weapons perhaps for youths.The inserted picture shows similar full size polearms kept at the Royal Palace in Bangkok. It appears as if there are some smaller bladed spears like the examples offered here at the back on the left.  Longest length 168 cms. 18th/19th century.


southern asia