Antique Two-handed Chinese 'Zhanmadao' Sword

Massive Two-handed Chinese execution or martial art sword circa 1880

 A scarce two-handed sword from China 'Zhanmadao'. This large sword has a hilt/grip almost as long as the blade, the mounts of steel, the grip of wood covered with a woven textile material and a pitch/resin type substance. The blade is single-edged and gently curving, with a single shallow fuller along the back edge. The tip slightly flared. Age wear overall, possible traces of reddish lacquer to guard, and there are minute traces of silver on the pommel suggesting that it and the guard were once decorated. These swords were traditionally used against horses in warfare but could equally have been used against foot and mounted soldiers. The tip of the blade has some blunting. 65 inches long overall, the blade 38 inches approximately. 19th century or earlier.  chinese dao willowleaf sabre goosequill sword jian far eastern oriental

Ref: 1006