Tribal Indian war Axe -  Fine antique oriental arms and armour swords and weapons

Central or Northern Indian Heavy War Axe

 A very attractive and heavy war Axe from Central india / Chota Nagpur. This remarkably solid fighting piece is unusual in design, the squared hatchet type blade being very heavy and razor sharp and attached to the rest of the head with two long steel arms. The facetted head socket is very robust, and the wooden shaft, simple but strong - this is a solid fighting weapon without pretension! the steel head has some light engraved decoration resembling faces at the base of the steel spurs. The wooden shaft has a hole for a wrist-strap/lanyard at the base, this would have meant the axe would not slip from the hand when in use. dating to the 19th century, Central or Eastern India.   bullova axe, orissa, indo-persian, tribal weapons, indian swords, bhils, konds, gonds, nilgiri, kali, aboriginal, dravidian