Three 19th century Chinese war arrows Sirdan

Three antique 19th century Chinese war arrows Sirdan or zhànjiàn.  These tremendous weapons, much larger than most arrows used anywhere else in the world were deadly when used in combination with the powerful Chinese compound or recurved bow. They were military issued, and  standardised in terms of length and weight, these three examples are typical in having long barrelled shafts with three broad goosequill fletchings, here surviving in good order. The steel heads are significant in that the flattened triangular blades are flat to the edges rather than sharpened, this was deliberate in order to create a larger wound on impact rather than cutting through the flesh, a little like some types of bullet. All three arrows are in very good condition, the head ends bound with birchbark, and all three have two chinese inked characters to the shaft centre, probably a military notation. 42 inches long.


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