Superb Zulu Iklwa UmKhonto or Assegai Close quarters Spear

Wonderful condition 19th century Zulu stabbing spear 'Umkhonto we Sizwe'. Famously designed by King Shaka to strengthen the Zulu kingdom through its armies or Impis, this close quarter weapon was used to great effect in the Anglo-Zulu Wars of the 1870's and 80's. Zulu warriors were notoriously merciless and well-trained in using their weapons, the name 'Iklwa' reputedly being given from the sound of the spear entering and being withdrawn from the body..  This specimen is approximately 47 inches long overall with a 15 inch blade, the steel well made and in excellent condition, the neck binding of woven bound cane again in perfect condition with no losses. The shaft strong and with a slightly flaring butt, wonderful rich patina throughout. A magnificent example of this iconic weapon.  african