blade withdrawn partially from silver covered sheath

Silver mounted Thai Dha sword Dating to the late Ayutthaya Period

A nice quality earlier Thai sword 'Dha' dating to the late 18th/early 19th century Ayutthaya/early Rattanakosin period. The long tubular hilt of long two handed form with elaborate chasing and chiselled detailing including intertwined dragons to the central grip area. The lower grip flaring and embossed with lotus leaf designs, circular lobed silver covered handguard. The pommel of domed circular shape with simple ribs and decoration. Good quality steel blade with thickened back edge, some engraved decoration to the forte and along the back edge, the cutting edge curved, one side with a smallforging blemish to the surface( original). The scabbard covered entirely with thick silver sheet, the top and bottom with further woven wire and filigree banding. Good overall condition, some areas of wear and minor holes, the chape with some distortion. A very good survival from this period of Thai history circa 1800.   southern asia