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Rare Turkish Kalkan shield or buckler

  A rare early Turkish Shield kalkan of iron-bound cane. These small bucklers are related to the cane shields used by the Ottoman and Mughal forces of the 15th and 16th centuries. The cane has been fabric or cord covered, the domed shape is heavily reinforced by thick iron bars, and an iron reinforced rim. The centre boss is of very thick steel with protruding  iron rivets. The reverse still retains some of its fabric and leather padding/backing, and remarkably retains its woven leather handgrip. Their small size and relative heavy weight presumably means these shields would have been used offensively to punch as well as to guard against sword and weapon blows. In good condition for age, with average wear and patination, one iron bar two rivets missing from the front. 12 inches diameter approximately. ottoman, turkish weapons, middle east, yataghan, bichak, bichac, bichaq, balkan, caucasian