Rare Ottoman shield Kalkan

 A very rare, Ottoman round shield. The basic structure of this ‘Kalkan shield’ dates back to the purely woven shields of the Mongols and early Turks in the 15th and 16th centuries:

thin plant rods are spirally plaited around a wooden disc, they are then stitched securely with fabric threads. Later, during the Ottoman Empire these constructions were strengthened with iron struts and an iron border. The ‘Kalkan’ battle shield was thus able to protect both against arrows as well as against sword blows. This example is a little larger than most at 41 cms diameter, the border is applied with shaped iron dedorative plaques. the central boss is of decorated brass surrounded by an ornament of woven plaited green fabric, possibly silk. The reverse is lined with red silk, various leather woven straps and iron discs. Surviving in good condition retaining nearly all original parts.