Rare Old Bronze Gong Tawak-Tawak from Sarawak

 A  lovely and rare Bronze Gong from North Sarawak or Brunei. These lost wax cast Gongs were highly prized in Dayak cultures and often were believed to possess magical enchantment. The design of three dragons and prominent central boss here shows Malay and Chinese influence which was exerted through out areas of Borneo through trade and settlement. The patina on this example is rich and deep, showing the age of the piece which is certainly 19th century but could be as old as the 18th century, as with a similar example in the National Gallery of Australia. Many of these on the market are modern fake castings, but this example is clearly genuine and as with all our items comes with our guarantee. Measuring 22 cms in diameter and approximately 9 cms deep this lovely piece is a great addition to any collection of Dayak or Malay artifacts.

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