silver inlay or koftgari type overlay

Rare Kudi Tranchang axe from Bali with silver inlay

A rare axelike chopper weapon from the Indonesian Island of Bali, known as a 'Kudi Tranchang'. Kudi's were often ascribed magical powers although there is not much written in the literature about them. This example has a very heavy steel axehead, one side beautifully decorated with silver decoration. The heavy back edge is chiselled with curious shaped steel fronds, the steel of the decorated face left black so as to contrast with the bright silver. The cutting edge is curved with the tip leaning forward. The reverse side of the head is flat and finely chiselled with a demon in 'Naga' or snake form. The handle of this kudi tranchang is made of black palmwood with an upper steel mount. The lower mount is missing.26.5 inches long overall. This weapon may well have been a priests or ritual weapon. southern asia