Rare Indian Pesh Kabz Dagger with Rhino Horn hilt and watered steel blade circa 1800

A Indo Persian Dagger 'Pesh Kabz' with rare hilt of solid Rhino horn. The hilt of one piece of Rhino horn (small section missing at the front) with dark fibrous surface and old patination (some horn beetle cavities to one side). The pommel with a small applied gilt-copper hinged pierced finial mount. The blade is long, reinforced to the back/spine, and with a reinforced cutting edge, formed from wootz steel with a strong watered pattern to its surface noteably near the forte. The bolsters and top mount retaining some worn gold koftgari decoration, and a small very nicely chiselled feature at the blades beginning on the spine. It is very rare to find Pesh Kabz with Rhino horn hilts. Rhino horn was favoured over other horns as it greatly improved grip if damp, even at this early period it was a highly prestigious material. Overall length 16.5 inches. Dating to circa 1800. indo persian