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Rare antique Sinhalese Spear or Polearm Patisthanaya

 A very rare Singhalese long spear or halberd 'Patisthanaya' in the European style from Sri Lanka / Ceylon. Surviving in wonderful vivid condition, this rare weapon dates to the 18th possibly earlier. The wooden shaft is beautifully lacquered completely in designs of red, yellow and black typical of the decorative Kandy style, surviving in almost pristine condition. The steel halberd head is darkly patinated, with a sturdy blade designed for use, and some decorative chiselled carved elements at the base. The head is mounted with projecting steel lugs onto the shaft for strength, again copying European fashion of the16th and 17th centuries. Measuring approximately 2.35 metres this spear was a functional war piece as well as being beautifully decorative.   indo persian, indian, persian, lance, spear, polearms, tamil, madrasi