Rare 19th century Tuareg All-steel Lance Allarh

A good and scarce example of the Tuareg warriors lance made of steel 'Allarh'. This weapon was only allowed to the higher ranking Tuareg warriors. A single piece of good steel, the lance blade of leaf shape with small barbs to the base, and two further pairs of barbs slightly further along the shaft below the head. Decoration of inlaid brass strips, and fine geometric engraving all along the shaft. Retaining the original black leather grip covering usually lacking. The bade of the spear with a brass round mount, beneath this the shaft flares out slightly in typical sub-saharan manner. This feature is often described as enabling the spear to stand upright in the sandy ground. The additional image shows a dramatic photo featured on a postcard of the early 20th century with Ahaggar Tuareg horse mounted warriors holding identical lances.   north african