North Indian or Afghan Khyber knife Choora large dagger

 An impressive large dagger pesh kabz or choora, from the north of India, or perhaps Afghanistan. The mouth of the sheath typical for this region allowing the dagger to fit deeply within exposing only the end of the hilt. The hilt is carved from horn with carved designs filled in with red lac, steel mounts pierced with the same motif line the top of the blade itself, again with red lac inlay. The blade is elegant and long with a single edged tapering edge made from extremely fine wootz damascus steel of high quality. The hilt mounts are also made from fine crystalline wootz steel. The sheath in excellent condition, covered with thick tough blade hide, with a silvered seam to the reverse, and a large long silvered tapering chape. 19th century, 52 cms long overall in its sheath