Nice Mexican Cuero sword Espada Ancho with silver hilt

A very fine example of a Cuera, Mexican Militiamans sword from the early 19th century 'Espada Ancho'. The hilt of solid silver, the shell guard cast with a portrait presumably the reigning Monarch of the period. The Cueras were known for the their distinctive leatherwork and outfits, the cuera itself being the Spanish influenced Leather jacket worn, The original scabbard here shows the typical leatherwork used for saddles, whips and bridlesm as well as clothing. The sword blade engraved with  popular motif ' Do not draw me without reason' ' Do not sheath me without honour' . A fitting motto for these horsemen. An attached image of a period painting shows a Cuera with a very similar sword by his side with a distinctive scabbard as offered here.