18thc Mughal Khanjar Dagger with rare Rock Crystal hilt and gold inlay

An 18th century Mughal Indian Khanjar Dagger with a scarce Rock Crystal hilt. This knife is of typical of the daggers in fashion by the Mughal Court and is of a form that dates to the later 17th century throughout into the early 19th century. The pistol grip shape of the hilt was frequently carved of jade, crystal and other precious materials, this particular example is of substantial weight and probably dates to the 18th century. The hilt is carved from one piece of transparent Rock Crystal (known today as Quartz). The blade is of Persian style and is unsually thick and robust with greatly reinforced central ridge, it is secured to the hilt with dark resin or gum fixing. The forte is embellished with deep chiselling into the steel and applied goldwork in designs of flower blooms. There does not appear to be any visible sign of watering to the surface of the steel. The crystal hilt has some blemishes and cracks, all holds very solidly. A wonderful display piece of this rare and fragile material. 16 inches long overall.   indo persian