chiselled and inlaid decoration to the back blade edge

Magnificent Indian 'Ram Dao' sacrificial sword or chopper

A magnificent and very large Sacrificial chopper or sword from Northern India probably Bengal or thereabouts. This massive sword was used to behead sacrificial animals bulls and goats in one blow, in previous periods humans would also have been sacrificed in certain sects of Hinduism, such as Kali Mai  the 'Dark Mother' and wife of Shiva,. The weight of this sword comes from the massive steel blade which is very thick at its spine and has a sharp incurving blade. To both sides of the steel blade are motifs chiselled and inlaid with brass which contrasts most attractively with the steel. The tip features a large inlaid eye in brass and inlaid eyebrow and pupil in black lacquer chiselled eyelashes etc, one side depicts the trident or trisula of shiva, the other shows a floral rosette inalid with brass to the blade centre. The hilt has large thick flattened steel bolsters further inlaid and chiselled. The grip a single piece of wood curiously carved and inlaid with small brass pellets. The pommel is of brass and a most unusual shape with a floral rosette to its end. This is a rare and massive sword of good age circa 1820. An example of this weapon can be found with the pages or the "The Gods of War" by Donald J LaRocca, being the example held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Overall length 30 inches.indo persian