Scarce 19th century Long Bladed Flyssa sword from Algeria

A scarce long bladed Flyssa sword from Algeria, North Africa. The traditional sword of the Iflissen-im-Bahr tribe, the form is found in many variations of length from small dagger form to this, the largest version The lond steel blade is inlaid with brass motifs an chiselled, the back edge also features some chamfering for further decorative effect, the tip becoming long and 'needle-like'. The spine is also chiselled similarly, the hilt covered with brass and stylistically formed as an animal head with engraving. The long tight fitting scabbard is formed from two pieces of wood, very finely carved with geometric designs and featuring two integrally carved loops for attaching a strap. It is banded at intervals with thin tinned mounts. Slight loss to brass covering to one side of the hilt, the sword fits low in the sheath when fully inserted. A smaller flyssa dagger of the more common kind is also shown here, and offered together with the sword. It is increasingly hard to find this form of sword complete with scabbard. Dating to the 19th century,