chiselled blade mounts

Large Two-Handed Gond or Khond War Axe

A wonderful and very large two handed war axe from Central India - Chota Nagpur, probably from the Gond people. The smaller axes from this region are collectively known as 'bullovas' , the local name for this larger form of axe seems unknown. This piece has a thick steel blade with a very large crescentic cutting edge, one nick visible, the steel broadens towards the back and shows visible laminations showing good forging of the steel. The arms fixing the blade to the shaft are decorated with chiselling and attractive shaping, small engraved crosses are visible at each end of the back edge. There is a large thick steel mount to the top and bottom of the stout bamboo shaft, the lower one swelling to provide a good grip and with various iron and copper engraved bands to the shaft. Over 50 inches in length, blade approximately 15 inches long.   indo persian