Interesting Turkish miquelet Tufek carbine gun for horseback use

A most interesting Turkish gun 'Tufek' of diminuitve size. Possibly made as a child's piece? or alternatively this small miquelet gun could have been used as a carbine 'one-handed' from horseback. Mounted with finely pierced ribbon pattern brasswork with engraved decoration, one small strip to the butt region engraved with some incriptions in Arabic and the date 1248 A.H (1842 C.E).The lock mechanism of typical Miquelet flintlock form enriched with silver decoration and inlay, fitted with a leather set flint in the hammer jaws. A small squared strap mount to the front side which possibly supports the idea that this was a cavalry used carbine type weapon. The high quality steel barrel of Brescian Italian manufacture with a fixed sight, and traces of engraved lettering to the top of the breech. A small brass fore-end sight has been added to the barrel tip. A most interesting firearm. middle east