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Indian Kirash Sword with Khanda Hilt

 A very nice and rare Indian Kirash/kirach sword - the blade typically leaning forward gently similar to the sossun pattah sword, and distinct from most forms of curved Indo-persian sword like the tulwar/talwar and shamshir. This example has a beautifully made chiselled blade of high quality steel, a section of the front and the back edge are shaped with a reinforced fretted border, the blade length has a shallow gentle wide fuller for its length and crisply facetted chamfered edges, sharpened to the front and the back edge near the tip. The steel basket hilt with dark age patina, nice glossy appearance, the hand and knuckle guards bordered by chiselled dots, the edges pierced to take a padded lining. Dating to the 18th or early 19th century. indo persian

Ref: laukirash2