Greek or Balkan 18th/19th century Musket

Albanian or Greek Miquelet lock Musket 'Arnautka' 18th/19th century

A nice old and untouched Albanian Balkan miquelet lock musket ' Arnautka '. Dark patination, uncleaned and unrestored throughout this gun dates to the early 18th century and is a fine example of its type. The stock is largely covered with steel finely engraved and with inlaid roundels of brass and horn typical of this period of Ottoman work. The barrel is noteable in having a deep makers stamp and signed  'Mutti' showing it is of Brescian origin and traded as a high quality piece from Italy (ref. Elgood' Arms of Greece and her Balkan Neighbours in the Ottoman Period'). There are signs of contemporary running repairs, barrel bands, refitted lock, all is original and as used, which greatly adds to the charm of this antique gun. middle east