original antique sword pommel

Good Chinese 19th century Dao sword with Iron mounts

A good example of a 19th century military Chinese Dao sword. The blade on this piece is very impressive, very thick heavy and well-balanced and formidable!  The mounts are iron throughout, blackened on the pommel, scrolling chape and large iron straps and mount for hanging via a strap or cord. The handguard is round and thick iron with a deep rim. The black cotton cord binding to the grip is original with wear and loss towards one end, the wooden grip can be seen beneath. Rounded blackened pommel. The blade also features two slight back edge fullers which make this already cleaver type blade even more robust. The shagreen/hide black covering to the scabbard survives in good condition, making this a nice complete authentic Chinese fighting sword.  far east, chinese dao jian, qing period, boxer rebellion, manchurian sabre, chinese military dao, ming