Fine quality Wootz steel Indian Sossun pattah tulwar sword

 A fine quality Indian tulwar sword, having a leaning forward cutting blade of 'sossun pattah' type as known to collectors. The blade is very high quality, fullered made from finely patterned wootz damascus steel and with a double edged sharpened tip.The back edge is decorated with applied gold decoration, and there is a cartouche of gold to one side containing arabic or urdu, probably an invocation. The hilt is of tulwar form of steel, deocrated with true inlay silver floral decoration, the silver is inlaid into recesses into the steel, not applied to the surface, a much higher quality form of craftsmanship. The original scabbard covered with velvet fabric faded and worn, and retaining an old label.  18th/early 19th century.