Burmese Dha sword with inlaid blade

An interesting and fine example of a Burmese Dha sword. This rare form features a thick robust steel blade with a clipped or flattened tip, and probably originates from the northern regions of the area. The blade on this example, unlike most which are plain, displays some beautiful chiselled gold/bronze inlay depicting a winged tiger, a peacock and a floral scrolling design. There are also some inlaid Burmese characters, which remain untranslated. The other side of the dha blade shows that the edge of the blade is made of an inserted hardened steel, showing the quality of the craftsmanship of this particular piece. The hilt of this sword is fully silver mounted with the grip made of an incredibly intricate 'net' of woven silver wire, the upper and lower mounts of silver with silver filigree trim ( slight dents to top and bottom). The scabbard likewise is mounted with many bands of silver applied with very fine filigree silver wire, and a larger silver chape with floral central device in silver. A fine example of this rare form of Dha sword dating to the 19th century. southern asia