beautiful persian shield with goldwork and arabic writing

Fine Gold damascened Persian Sipar shield made from Watered wootz steel

A wonderful quality Persian steel buckler or shield of watered steel. The border richly decorated with panels of decoration including hunting scenes and cartouches containing arabic calligraphy, Persian poetry, the entire circumference applied with gold. The centre showing a dark watered steel area with visible wootz whorls, applied with four raised steel defensive bosses decorated in gold, and a central golden motif. The reverse with its lining of red padded quilted cotton and felt, the edges trimmed with finely woven/embroidered fabric, four rings with later red leather knuckle pad and straps. The sipar shield is of buckler size 37 cms diameter as was typical of earlier style Persian shields. Circa 1800. middle east, safavid,zand, qajar dynasty