Fine Afghan Pulwoar sword with original steel mounted hide scabbard

 A good antique Pulwouar or tulwar sword from Afghanistan or Northern India. This form of tulwar sword with drooping dragonhead quilons or guards occurred specifically in the North, and derives from older Persian forms of the sword. The heavy steel blade probably patternwelded damascus is stamped near the handle with makers markings. The steel hilt is beautifully decorated with silver rosettes near the grip, and a wide dished pommel enclosing stones or additions designed to rattle. This sword retains its original thick ass-hide covered scabbard with large steel chape and steel hanging bands, which adds greatly to the authenticity of the piece. Dating to the early-mid 19th century. This sword  was sourced ensuite with the dhal shield and gunpowder flask also offered, together they make a very nice grouping that would have been carried by an Afghan warrior during the 19th century. 39 inches overall, blade 33 inches approximately .  indo persian

Ref: kun777