Untouched Rocket Missile from Tipu Sultans arsenal

 An extremely rare survival of an original bladed rocket missile as used by Tipu Sultan, 'Tiger of Mysore'. These weapons were first utilsed by Tipus father Hyder Ali, but Tipu developed them further by the use of iron tubes for the gunpowder instead of bamboo, and the use of attached sharp sword blades. The resulting weapon could be fired up to 2 miles, and was used to create havoc among the British troops during the Mysorean campaigns, and against Tipus other enemies.The specific raising of artillery brigades, 'cushoons' armed with these rocket weapons was vital to Tipus miltary strength and successes. The British were so impressed that they copied the, and used them as 'congreve' rockets in the Napoleonic and American Wars.

This example is possibly the finest surviving example known, untouched and unfired. The sword blade is still razor sharp, with light surface rust to some regions. The rocket tube is wrapped with thick leather strapping over the iron body, which itself still retains a red fabric covering. To the top of the rocket is fixed a crescentic steel blade, missing on all other examples. This decorative emblem of  Tipus Moslem identity here put to use as a weapon.

A wonderfully evocative piece with  a direct connection to Tipu Sultan and the British siege of Seringapatam. 18th century.

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