European 18th century Courtsword Rapier Italian? Rococo designs with gilt bronze

Unusual and attractive original  18th century European rapier or courtsword type sword of very high quality. Long and very strong blade with unusual profile diamond-section for most of its length, flattened out towards the forte where it is deeply inlaid with a series of marks in brass or latten on both sides. The hilt is of gilt-bronze, much gold remaining especially on the handguard, pierced through and chiselled finely with figures, masks and other scrolling rococ type decoration, all in high relief. The grip with original wire binding, both sides of the lower mount which are shaped as animal legs are broken off. This is a substantial and fairly heavy weight sword with a rapier style blade, probably Italian or French in origin, circa 1750 in date, some age wear and edge nicks to the blade. Overall length nearly 40 inches, blade approx 32 inches.