Early East Tibetan sword from Kham

 A simple early sword from  the kham region of EasternTibet. swords from this region were generally fairly plain and functional, this example features a handle grip wrapped with white rayskin, and a steel ovoid pommel, with two hole inset to one side. The thick steel circular handguard is reminiscent of those found on Chinese swords to which these have a close relationship going back into history. The thick steel blade here is forged in the typical Tibetan way with lamellar stripes of alternating folded steels which taper towards the sharp point. A very thick and rigid back edge shows the characteristic ruggedness of these Tibetan blades. There are some old sharpening marks, and some darker areas of surface oxidation, overall the blade survives in very good condition. The scabbard is original, of wood, covered with a black leather facing, sewn to one side with thread, there are areas of wear and minor loss which is usual on a piece of this age. Probably dating to the 18th century or even earlier. The overall length in scabbard is 37 inches, the blade length 29 inches approximately