Complete T'Boli Kampilan sword from Mindanao, Southern Philippines

 An attractive complete sword of Kampilan style from the T'boli tribe from Cotabato, Southern Mindanao, Philippines. Swords of this type were used by many related and neighbouring tribes with similar cultures most noteably the Bagabo, the B'laan, and the B'lit although the cast bronze hilts with complex designs and metal applique are typical of T'boli work. As with the Bagabo swords, bright beadwork is a feature, as with this example with a band of beads and tassled decoration to the central sheath section. The wooden scabbard itself is panelled and inlaid in areas with metal pins, the end features two cast brass/bronze 'tubes' which are adorned with white horsehair. The upper sheath section is wrapped with a fibrous bound cord with a textile wrapping to the mouth. The sword blade is of good quality steel with the outline related to the kampilan sword used throughout Southern Mindanao most noteably by the Moro people, but also the surrounding indigeneous tribes such as the T'boli. The tip features a serrated, fretted section to the back edge. The hilt is of solid cast bronze or brass picked out very beautifully with bands of detailing, the whole edge of the pommel area is applied with hanging brass chain, which also typically is applied to the central sheath edge. This is a nice complete example of this less common sword dating to the 20th century.  keris barong kris sundang, southern asia

Ref: parkamp