Fine Persian Kilij Sword with damascus blade

Fine Persian Kilij Sword with inlaid cartouche

 A very nice 18th/19th century Kilij sword from Persia. Wonderful broad blade of damascus steel, sharply pointed and double-edged at the tip, the rest fullered and crisply chiselled. The forte to one side with a gold-inlaid cartouche containing arabic calligraphy. The hilt of steel, finely chiselled with a portrait to the grip, floral and animal designs, the quillons depicting dragons heads curling towards the blade, the pommel as an animals snake? head. Two en-suite chiselled hanging bands to the wooden scabbard, with a later velvet covering. Although Kilij style blades are typical of some Ottoman swords, they increasingly became popular during the Qajar court revival of medieval styles. A fine quality middle-eastern sword in good condition. oriental islamic indo persia


Ref: 1014