Fine Persian PeshKabz Dagger

Large Persian PeshKabz Dagger with fine Wootz blade

A good quality Persian or North Indian dagger 'Pesh Kabz'. Large example with the characteristic highly recurved steel blade showing strong wootz damascus patterns. The back edge is reinforced with a flat spine and the edge strengthened further, the blade tip is thickened and a raised ridge adds to the overall rigidity of the blade. The hilt with two large grip slabs of ivory, the steel mounts to the hilt are also of wootz steel. The sheath is covered with finely patterned black leather, different complex designs to each side, the chape of copper-gilt with a large lobed bud to the end. Some age wear overall , minor loss and old repair to ivory (see images). Wear to gilding, minor losses to upper sheath. 17 inches overall, dating to the 18th or early 19th century. Indo-Persia

Ref: 1029