engraved character to blade

Antique Chinese Jian sword with heavy blade and inscribed character

A good quality Chinese Qing period antique Jian sword. This sword is fitted with a very good quality steel blade, much thicker and heavy than later examples. It is of pronounced diamond section, long with a rounded tip, some visible signs of a hardened or inserted edge. At the forte is a deeply engraved character which is likely to be a name or reference to a quality of the sword or owner. The hilt of the sword is mounted with brass, the guard is finely detailed with a grinning monster or taotie face, the grip carved from a solid piece of bulbous ribbed horn. The scabbard is original, mounted with thick brass, the hardwood lacquered. Good condition thoughout circa 1800, possibly 18th century. The overall length is 31.5 inches, the blade is 23.5 inches long.  far eastern