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antique Arab Jambiya dagger

 A small but nice quality Arab jambiya dagger probably from Oman. Nicely decorated in silver, with embossed and woven designs, very intricate and good quality. The sheath wholly applied to the front with silver filigree,  beading and silver wirework, the belt complete, applied with silver buttons displaying a jambiya dagger on them, the belt woven with silver wire and thread. The silver buckle is still attached as well. The blade is good steel, curved and with a thickened central ridge. Approx 10.5 inches tall, some of the silver foil  around the base of the hilt is a little loose and has to be eased into the sheath carefully, it has been stuck down a little with glue at this area. A very nice quality dagger, the leather and belt is fully backed with leather. Dating to the 20th century