pierced steel hanging mounts

Antique Afghan or North Indian Tulwar with very fine Crystalline Wootz Blade

An interesting Indo-Persian Tulwar style sword fitted with a very good quality damascus 'crystalline' wootz steel blade. This type of damascus is typically Indian or Afghan and Indian wootz was renowned for its qualities. This blade is of incredible hardness and sharpness, the very fine watered pattern to the blade surface is strongly visible and the chamfered edge is still as sharp as it would have been originally. There are two chiselled marks to the blade one to each side, one possibly a parasol often used to denote a Royal or Noble connection, and a fish known to be a symbol for good luck or fortune. The hilt of traditional tulwar form of solid steel with a dished circular pommel. The scabbard with some damage along its leading edge and with some loss to the black hide covering retaining its rather unusual large steel mounts with elaborate piercing along its edges. Tulwars of this type were traditionally worn thrust through a cummerband and it is unusual to find the form with hanging bands, carrying in this fashion was more typical of the persian shamshir, and was more popular in Afghanistan and surrounding environs.