Afghan or Northern Indian Pulwouar with wootz blade and hilt

Antique Afghan sword.  Very good quality Afghan or North Indian Pulwouar ( known locally as shamshir) sword, heavy single edged curving blade of very high quality fine crystalline wootz steel. The blade inlaid with brass dots at various places along the blade, including at the juncture of the yelmen/sharpened back edge, also a worn blade makers stamp to one side at the fullering. The hilt also of fine crystalline wootz steel, the frip ribbed, the crossguard with nicely chiselled dragons heads. Unusually fitted with a pierced steel handguard. The pommel pierced very finely with decoration along its top edge, containing rattling stones (from mecca?), the top of the pommel disc with am applied silver pierced fretted decorative ring, and a raised finial with pierced mount for attachment of a lanyard wrist strap. A very well balanced genuine fighting sword circa 1840.   indo persian