A group of early Amazon tribal Bone-tipped Arrows from native Brazil/South America - fine tribal and oriental arms and armour from ashoka arts

A rare group of early Amazon tribal Bone-tipped Arrows

 A small group of very interesting and early long arrows from an indigenous tribe of the Amazon region, probably Brazil or Guiana. These measure under 2 metres - 170 cms on average, and are tipped with shaped bone, with an additional bone barb beneath each head. Beautifully made, the arrow heads and the barbs are attached to the wooden tips with very fine fibre which has then a hard gum applied over it, some of the wooden shafts which are nearly half the length of the arrows exhibit dark geometric painted designs, they are fixed into lighter cane shafts again with hard black gum, which terminate with slight notches to the nocks. Some of the original feather fletching remains, albeit in a fragile state, smaller decorative feathers still remains to most. Four of the arrows retains all the bone tips and barbs, the rest have lost them due to their great age and fragility. These long arrows would have been used in conjunction with long dark hardwood bows, often with cotton or fibre binding, and were used both for hunting and for warfare.Brazil/Guyana 19th century,  americas, yanomami,